Thursday, January 20, 2011

ABC Wednesdays - A for Armstrong

This is Lance Armstrong with his Radio Shack team at the head of the peleton in today's stage of the 2011 Your Down Under. Lance Armstrong has been quite a draw card here in Adelaide; this is his third appearance in our special event and is to be his final race in the International Cycling Union's ProTour.

Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner, is also a cancer survivor. His return to racing three years ago was partly motivated as a chance to promote his cancer research message. Here is a video recorded three years ago when he arrived in Adelaide in which he talks about the race, South Australia and cancer.

This is the start of the eighth round of the ABC Wednesday meme which was initiated by Denise Nesbitt. To find out more about ABC Wednesdays and see other participants' contributions click here.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


This year afforded us some exceptional jacaranda blooms as seen here on an Adelaide suburban street.