Friday, August 7, 2009

Digital Radio Launch

Yesterday was the Australia wide launch of digital radio. In Adelaide many of our local radio stations broadcast their breakfast programs from Victoria Square.

Current stations 5AA, MIX, SA-FM, TRIPLE M, NOVA, CRUISE, ABC & SBS stations will all be transmitting their programs digitally; their current AM and FM transmissions will also continue.

New digital stations Radar, Pink Radio, NovaNation, Koffee and The EDGE will also be transmitting.

As well as seeing broadcasters at work you could see and hear the programs live in this booth; quite a broad range of digital receivers was on display.

Australia has adopted the DAB+ format for digital radio; crystal clear sound - particularly a big bonus for AM listeneners. Digital radio offers new features like pause and rewind, digital displays of stations by name and program information.

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Ann said...

I listen to the radio when I drive, when I go to bed. Some times those talk back listeners are so ......., I feel like turn the radio off.