Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Late this afternoon I looked towards the Adelaide Hills and saw smoke. It was not a bushfire, but a controlled burnoff in the Cleland National Park. The conditions today were ideal; mild temperatures and almost no wind.

The Department of Environment and Heritage, who manage the state's national parks, do burnoffs at this time of year to reduce the amount of undergrowth which could become a hazard during the fire season.


Donna said...

We've got some Nut in Florida SETTING fires!!! Wish they could find him!!! Great shot Gordon!!hughugs

Gordon said...

A lot of our bushfires have been started by arsonists too. Last year they arrested a woman who had apparently started 19 fires.

PS I took the photo from the roof of my house; the things you do for a photo!

Irina said...

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Hilda said...

That makes sense. Maybe the Americans should do that more regularly too. Those bush fires of theirs are just awful!