Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Falie

The Falie, built in Holland, began service in South Australia in 1923 as a coastal trading vessel. After retiring from service in 1982 she was bought by the SA Government and refurbished in time for the state's Jubilee 150 celebrations. She continued working as a tourist boat until 2005 when a marine survey found her unfit for service.

On a couple of occasions when I was teaching I took my class aboard for an exciting day's outing. It was both fun and educational; such a pity she has been retired.


Anonymous said...

I like your photo and the way you presented the information. Nice post.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

Donna said...

Say Gordon...I think that's the front!! LOLOL...I WISH!! Happy night!hughugs

alicesg said...

Beautiful ship.

Sailor Girl said...