Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where's the lawnmower man?

This car certainly got some attention; an effective way of advertising their artificial grass for sure.

My post on Tuesday showed a 'lawned' area. The grass is always green because it is not real. Not my cup of tea; I much prefer the real thing, even if in a dry summer it dies off a little.


Donna said...

Goodness!! Maybe they are trying to cover up a bad paint job??!!!!Hahahaha...Happy Day Gordon!!hughugs

Tash said...

That is really funky! best funk post of the month for sure.

alicesg said... that is the real answer to the green grass. :) The car looked cute. It can be camouflaged in tall grasses. Cool.

Petrus said...

Yes I like the real thing even if it does have to be mowed - however this is a good " marketing idea "

Pam Judge said...

But where oh where is that park bench along the railway line?