Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back on my bike

Due to cold and inclement weather I have not done much cycling over the past couple of months and my waistline is telling the tale. This morning I made amends and rode up into the Adelaide foothills (about a 200m climb from home).

This is point where you get a reward for the effort; a great view and lots of downhill back home.
This is the start of Flinders Pass, a shared cycling/walking path that connects the suburb of Bellevue Heights to Flinders University.

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Anonymous said...

I have had some health problems, in and out of the hospital so my mountain bike tires are almost flat. I used to ride up to 13 miles a day on our bike trail but no longer. I had no pretty views like you do. I had cornfields and cows. I do like your views and your sky is wonderful. We are hot and dry here where I live in Ohio; and we need rain.

I noticed your name--Gordon--and there is the possibility that you are related to the founders of the little village where I was born. Gordon, Ohio. The founder was one Philip Gordon and his son-in-law, David Lear, both from Boston who drove a covered wagon through the wilderness to that spot in Ohio and platted the town in 1848.

You have an interesting blog. I closed my main one for a while to clean it up some and get back on track. Meanwhile I have several others.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville Ohio