Saturday, August 16, 2008

Low water

This weekend I am staying on Hindmarsh Island, near Goolwa; about 80 km south of Adelaide. This area is severely suffering from the effects of Australia's recent drought years. The area pictured would normally have a water level about a metre higher. The private jetty at the left of gives a real indication of the problem.


Donna said...

Looks like some of the lakes around Here!! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

southshieldsdailyphoto said...

Was this a freshwater lake Gordon?

Great work on your blog today and a very appropriate picture.

I've just racked up two years at South Shields Daily Photo and I hope to be passing here in two years time to compliment you again! Keep up the good work!
Thanks to everyone who has passed by and left a comment or some encouragement, it makes it all worthwhile.

from Curly at South Shields Daily Photo

babooshka said...

We have the opposite the heere the nature reserve has area under water that are normally walkways. That loooks seriously water deprived there. If only I could send you our rain.

Gordon said...

Curly - this waterway is part of the lower lakes system of the River Murray; it is freshwater, the seawater being held back by barrages near the mouth.

Babooshka - yes please; send it our way!

alicesg said...

Wow the jetty really shows the problem. Many many years ago, we had same problem with our resevoirs, they dried up, we had to have water ration back then. We now have many measures to have more water. One of them is the Newater (means recylcled water).