Monday, April 6, 2009

Indofest 2009

I have mentioned previously SA is dubbed the Festival State. On Sunday was yet another festival; Indofest 2009, an expose of Indonesian culture. Held in Rymill Park in the City, this was a free entry event with performances, workshops, arts and crafts and lots of tasty food.

A Balinese Taruna Jaya Dance - beautiful girls in exquisite costumes; lovely to watch.

The SeOrkesNyah Dangdut band - a highly energetic and entertaining group with a mix of traditional Indonesian and Western instruments.

An appreciative crowd!


Donna said...

Sounds like you had FUN!!! Enjoy your day sweetie!hughugs

BeachILike said...

Is there any Thai festival? would love to see, the dress of Indonesian is similar to us on the plays

Gordon said...

BeachILike - there was a Thai festival last year; held at the Adelaide Zoo in September.

See for details.

I will keep a look out to see if it is to be held again this year.

alicesg said...

Wow this is so interesting. Must be very fun to attend this type of festival.

Joy said...

It's a bit strange to see Caucasian women dancing a traditional Balinese dance.

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Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

great to have all these festivals. i love going to them. My little niece in the Gold Coast dances Indonesian dances, and she looks lovely in their costumes.