Friday, June 26, 2009

Ross Smith Mural

This mural in a park in Greenacres was created by John Whitney and year 10 students from nearby Ross Smith High School.

It features images of significant historical interest to the area; with particular focus on the achievements of Keith and Ross Smith who landed their aircraft at the nearby Northfield airstrip after their historic round the world flight in 1919.

To see more about the Smith brothers and their Vickers Vimy aircraft click here (one of my previous posts).

I discovered this mural on Friday when I was out cycling; planning a ride for my bicycle group for this Sunday. This district is about 20 kilometres from my home; an area I do not explore that often.


Ann said...

beautiful mural, you Aussies are good, no graffitti tagging. I was told the taggers have their own code, no tagging on a nice piece of work. This doesn't happen all the time. Some times, they get defaced.

Was Keith and Ross good friends of our Kiwi avialtrix Jean batten?

Babooshka said...

This is what I get from blogging info you just don't get anywhere else on others communities. It is refreshing to see no graffiti.