Monday, June 8, 2009

Waterfall Gully

Do I have an obsession with water? It is so wonderful to have rain after such a long dry summer and several years of drought. Today I took the opportunity to visit Waterfall Gully in between rain showers. Not a big waterfall (18 metres) by world standards but nonetheless quite picturesque, and easily accessible as it is only 10 km from the City of Adelaide.
From the first fall pictured above, is a walking track that connects to Mt Lofty and Cleland National Park.

About 500 metres along the track you pass the second falls, even smaller but very inviting, even on a winter's day.


alicesg said...

The waterfall look inviting and nice. We needed more rain now, been so hot these few days.

Bergson said...

I put a swimsuit and I come

Babooshka said...

It must be so refreshing on a summer's day. I met someone from Adelaide today over for a once in a lifetime trip to the TT.

Donna said...

How Beautiful!! Is it getting cold there yet?hughugs

Ann said...

Great to have such a lovely spot so near to the city. Are your young people tempted to jump off the cliff into the water?

Once, i was with my parents in the Goldd Coast, we were at a fall, some young people were jumping off, my dad said, These young Aussies, they are such dare devils.

Gordon said...

Donna - it's not too bad during the day; 15 - 20C (about 60 to 70 F in your terms). However it has been colder at night; 4 deg C last night. Brrrr!