Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Here in Adelaide for the Fringe, this inflatable structure is a luminarium; a series of tunnels and domes measuring 1000 square metres. Amococo is a walk in sculpture that is designed to stimulate one's senses with magnificent display of light and colour.

You can view a video here to give you an appreciation of the experience.


Donna said...

!!!! I Would Never Come Out!!!
That's fantastic Gordon!

Maya said...

Looks like something to check out! Where is it located?

Gordon said...

Maya - It is located on East Terrace; Rymill Park opposite the Stag Hotel. I certainly intend checking it out; possibly today. Entry is only $2!

Donna - if I come out I will let you know all about it!!

J Bar said...

This is all very interesting.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

CafebyJW said...

It looks interesting!

luna said...

This structure looks like so much fun and I wished we had something like that here.