Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inside Amococo

My post last Tuesday was about Amococo; a luminarium in Adelaide for the Fringe. On Thursday I experienced it for myself - truly amazing and so relaxing.

Some people just walked around experiencing all the amazing colour blends; others sat and chilled out - sitting in a pod and chatting or just laying back and relaxing with the background music.


J Bar said...

That's cool.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

CafebyJW said...

It is quite large and colorful.
I thought you would post about Adeliade Cup day!

I am interested in Norwood Parade area, would you mind to post about that area sometimes when you're free.

Gordon said...

JW - there is so much on in Adelaide at present. I chose to go to Womadelaide yesterday; maybe the Adelaide Cup next year!

The Norwood Parade area is quite interesting; I will go out there and take some pics sometime soon.

Ann said...

do your head go round in circles too?

Amber Lawson said...

I visited there, it was amazing. And the photos are all brilliant :)