Monday, March 15, 2010


Last Monday I attended Womadelaide, a 'world music' festival that was run over 4 days. On stage here was Xavier Rudd, suported by two South African musicians in a lively performance in which he plays guitar, digeridoo and an assortment of percussion instruments.

The last few weeks has been extra busy for Adelaidians as we have had plenty of special activities to attend; in addition to Womadelaide was the Fringe, Writers Week, the Festival of Arts and the Clipsal 500 - and all of them had record numbers of people attending. Now today I can catch my breath and start blogging again because it is all over!


Ann said...

do they celebrate all over the world at the same time? We also have them here in Taranaki. My colleague went.

Donna said...

Bet the music was Fun!!
Happy Easter Friend!!!