Monday, March 10, 2008

Adelaide Railway Station

Today was a public holiday. The Adelaide Cup was run at the Morphettville Racecourse; numbers were down due to the extreme heat we've been experiencing. The major sponsor for the event was Skycity, the owners of Adelaide's Casino located in this historic sandstone building.

The first railway station built on the site was opened in 1856; the current building was opened in 1928.


Sailor Girl said...

A holiday?? How lucky! And... WOW!!! I love the blue and the light in this photo!!!

oldmanlincoln said...

You have extreme heat and we had a blizzard that lasted two days here in Ohio. Today the snow is melting but the snow is also very deep so it will take some time to melt away.

I like the colors of your photograph.

Donna said...

Glad you had a holiday and sorry about the heat!! We know all about that here! Love the photo!!

Neva said...

A Very nice train station. Happy holiday.:)