Sunday, March 23, 2008

Little corella

Today I went for a bike ride with my cycle group in the country-side south of Adelaide. The weather today was glorious; fine and sunny, but not too hot. It was great to get out on my bicycle again; I haven't done much during the past few weeks due to our heatwave.

We had (a not so peaceful) morning tea at Old Noarlunga. In the trees across the road from the cafe were hundred of little corellas; they were making quite a racket!

The little corella is the most widespread of the corellas in Australia. Click here to read a factsheet about them.


Jim said...

They are beautiful birds, hard to imagine some see them as pests.

Donna said...

Oh Gordon! What sweet looking little birds! I can't imagine them as a pest...Hope your day was beautiful!! hughugs

Avianwing said...

That's really a great pic of a corella. Would love to visit Australia to see these flocks.