Sunday, March 16, 2008

Community band concert

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Today I played in a concert at Woodville Town Hall. As the temperature soared to 40c, we played to an appreciative audience who ignored the heat and came to hear us; such dedication!

I play saxophone in the Henley & Grange Concert Band. Today we did a combined concert with the Woodville Concert Band. Each band performed a bracket of about 5 numbers and then we played 5 pieces together.

It was rather uncomfortable in the hall that is not airconditioned, but in true community spirit both bands had a good roll up. When we set the date no one even thought about the chance of it being so hot!

I thank Steve P for taking photos for me in rather difficult conditions - the light level was low.


Donna said...

How Wonderful! My Grandaughter plays the saxaphone as well! Great the sound. Too bad you didn't get someone to record the sound..would have Loved to listen!lol...Have a wonderful day friend..hugs

Rafa said...

what kind of music you guys played?? just classical or something contemporary?

alice said...

I think I see you playing saxophone on the first photo. Bravo! It must be great to play in a band.

Gordon said...

Rafa - we play a wide range of music; classical and contemporary; music from films and musicals, jazz charts and music from other cultures.

Alice - Yes that is me. I do enjoy being in the band. Not only do we play some great music, we are like a family. I have been in the band for 10 years, so you really get to know people well over time.

Sailor Girl said...

AAAHHH!!! How did I miss this post???
I must not forget to post it on my blog, the blue shirts are awsome!!!