Monday, March 31, 2008

What time is it?

Daylight saving was extended by one week, but some electronic equipment did not know; and nor did some of their users!

There was confusion at the airport with delayed flights due to ticketing problems; confusion at taxi ranks and train stations. Most mobile phones changed and people believed them!

Thankfully I knew about the extension as it was published in the media. Also my computers knew about it as I do regular updates; not only was Microsoft on top of it, but so was Apple and Ubuntu Linux.

The unique ceramic clock photographed is in the kitchen of Encounter Centre at Victor Harbor.


Hyde DP said...

This has me ROTFL

Bergson said...

We have also to change hour Sunday

The weekend was shorter

sam said...

i would find daylight saving very confusing, i always have the vaguest sense of time as it is!

RuneE said...

In 2008 it should be possible to coordinate these things on a world-wide basis.

Donna said...

Good Grief! Lucky that at least You read!!lol...I always read about things like that and others around me sometimes Do Not Have A Clue!lolol...I just say...Read!!
Hope you're having a wonderful day!hughugs