Friday, June 6, 2008

Multicultural mural

This mural is on the wall of Ascot Park Primary School. It was unveiled in March 1986 and I presume it would have been part of South Australia's 150th year celebrations.

Here is some infomation about South Australia’s cultural diversity from The SA Multicultural Website:

  • South Australians were born in more than 200 different countries
  • those born overseas number approximately 300 000 or 20% of the State’s total population
  • those born in Europe comprise approximately 220 000 individuals or 75% of all foreign born
  • those born in Asia comprise approximately 40 000 or 14% of the overseas born
  • in the Census 2001 approximately 23 000 South Australians (or 1.6% of the total population) identified themselves as Indigenous Australians
  • approximately 12% of all South Australians speak languages other than English at home, including approximately 4 000 persons who speak Indigenous languages.


alicesg said...

Very beautiful murals. I visited Australia many times, and could find multicultural food with no problem. Australia is a beautiful country.

babooshka said...

Those murals are so colourful. The multicuture breakdown was an interesting read. It still one of the most popluar countries for Brits to emigrate too.

Nabeel said...

this is very interesting. I see that Pakistan's flag is very visible, awesome. We need cultural awareness ... because cultural ignorance lead to wars.