Monday, September 29, 2008

Bay to Birdwood

Yesterday was the annual Bay to Birdwood car rally. Cars travel from West Beach, through Glenelg (The Bay) to finish at The National Motor Museum at Birdwood; a distance of 72 km.

As the procession of about 1200 vehicles travelled the route they were admired and cheered on by an estimated 100,000 or more people. This year's event was open to vintage (pre December 1955) vehicles.

These photos were taken on Anzac Highway which links Glenelg and Adelaide City.


Tanya said...

What a fun event!

alicesg said...

Beautiful vintage cars.

Kelli K said...

Nice photos, thanks for info on labels -- how do you make a label??

Kelli K

Gordon said...

Kelli - I have created a tutorial to show you how to make labels.

Find it here: Gordon's Blogger Help Pages

Anonymous said...

Wow - sorry, I can't help saying it!
I had an Armstrong Siddley Typhoon 1947. Leatherette top. Would you believe I sold it (in Wales0 to a woman over from Australia.
I love cars of this period, but to see that is icing.

alain said...

Thank you for these beautiful photos
i am french, I search the internet address, name and all information about the red car RENO 34
please help me alain