Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oaklands Railway Station

This is Adelaide's newest suburban railway station; opened in June this year it is a vast improvement on the old station.

Associated with the new station is a bus interchange and a 230 vehicle car park. The Oaklands Railway Station is 12.8 km from the City and about 500 metres from Westfield Marion, a major shopping centre.

(The photo of the old station was taken by Norman Hackenberg and has been released into the public domain.)


Wayne said...

That looks like a long platform. I'm thinking rush hour in Adelaide is busier than I imagined or designers are allowing for future expansion. I didn't realize there was a suburban rail network.

I do recall the vintage tram running to the beach. I've forgotten the name of the town.

D.C. Confidential said...

Now there's a sharp contrast in old versus new! The new station is a glaringly obvious improvement over the old, isn't it?

babooshka said...

Sometimes modern is better. Only sometimes though.

Donna said...

Goodness! A Train! There I am! See Me??hahahahaaa...I WISH!!! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs