Thursday, September 25, 2008

Illumination for Breast Cancer Research

This is the Hawke Building at the City West campus of the University of South Australia (UniSA).

Adelaide's three universities are participating in a global campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer research. Across Australia 14 universities illuminated some of their buildings in glowing pink; an initiative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Here is an extract from an email sent to UniSA staff by Professor Peter Høj (Vice Chancellor and President)

"The National Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading community-funded national organisation in Australia raising money for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Australian Universities are being illuminated to represent the critical role of research in increasing our understanding of breast cancer.

I am proud that UniSA is taking part in this international campaign that draws public attention to the vital role research plays in developing cures, prevention strategies and treatments for devastating diseases such as breast cancer. This is one scenario where money matters - strong investment in the research undertaken at universities and other institutions will help diminish the impact of this terrible disease."

Here is a link to the National Breast Cancer Foundation's website -


babooshka said...

That is a wonderful idea. We do have the pink ribbon campaign and a bra dash( just has to be seen) but more on a local level. Hooking up internationally is the most effective way.

Tash said...

"It's a curable disease." is a blessing to hear. And it's so because sooooooooo many people contribute to the research like this. Now if it could just be prevented before it starts! Really meaningful post.