Thursday, October 9, 2008


A comment made yesterday prompted me to show these houseboats on the River Murray. Some are privately owned, but most are available for hire from tourism operators. These vessels are moored near Berri, about 200 km from Adelaide.

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Jay said...

Wow ... well those are totally different to our houseboats! Ours tend to be narrowboats, or river barges. Yours really are like small floating houses!

Do people live in them all year round?

Gordon said...

Jay - Yes many houseboats are used as permanent residences; I have not been able to find out the numbers though.

I have a friend who built one and lived on the river for several years. His was really a floating house with all mod cons.

The maximum size for hire/drivel vessels is 8.5 m by 20 m with a limit on accommodation for 12 people.