Thursday, October 30, 2008

St Mary's Peak

As a follow up to my ABC Wednesday's "outback" post I will show a few more places in the Flinders Ranges.

St Mary's Peak is probably one of the most climbed and photographed hills in the Flinders. I have climbed it a couple of times ... when I was younger! It lies on the eastern side of Wilpena Pound. To climb up and back is a full day's hike. When I did it I started at the Wilpena Pound camp-site, walked through the pound and up to the top and then returned via a track on the outside.

Nearly at the top! I found this shot amongst my slides; taken in September 1968.


Jules said...

Yes this is very iconic!! Great shots!!!

Donna said...

I don't imagine things have changed much!! Happy day sweetie!hughugs