Saturday, October 18, 2008

Inside Parliament House

Australia's federal government has two groups of elected members. 

Australia is divided into electoral districts of approximately equal numbers of people. A person elected by the majority of voters in that district becomes a member of the House of Representatives. It has 150 members.

The House of Representatives chamber

The second group of elected members belong to the Senate. There are 76 senators; 12 from each state and 2 each from the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

The Senate chamber

A good overview about Australia's Parliament can be found here.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice look at the place where your government leaders meet.

Donna said...

Wonderful shot! Do "regular" folk get to sit in and listen??hughugs

Gordon said...

Donna - Yes, there are three public galleries. We had intended to go into question time on Wednesday, but ran out of time. There's always next time. There is so much to see here, I am sure we will return sometime.