Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My solar energy use

Over the last few days I have highlighted some of the uses of solar energy in South Australia. I will conclude by mentioning my solar devices.

A few years ago I replaced my in-roof hot water service with this on-roof solar hot water service. As with the solar panels for generating electricity for use in the house, the solar hot water systems like this attract government subsidies. Without these subsidies the costs would be prohibitive and so far the savings made have been minimal - but the environmental savings justify the installation.

This is my yacht and the solar panel mounted on the back keeps the batteries topped up; sufficient to keep a fridge running and to run lights and electronic devices on board and still be able to start the motor!


Leenie said...

Good use of abundant sun. And the devices look nice too. I saw the windmill collection in an earlier blog. Are there any huge windmills to generate power in your area?

Nan said...

Using solar energy to generate electricity for daily use is a great idea. However, I heard from one of my prof. the efficiency of our devices now is only about 10 percent. We still have a long way to go. New material to collect and transfer wider band of light, new tech for higher efficiency, and most important, lower cost. Hopefully I will have the chance to do my study in this field next year.

Nice to meet you here, Happy New Year!:)

alice said...

I'm so happy to see you on my blog! And to see solar panels in your town! In 2004, we've been so surprised in Australia: a hot sun, so many space and not even the smallest solar panel...Now, you've got them!

Gordon said...

Leenie - yes we do have huge windmills; and lots of them. As of June 2008 a news release from our premier stated that South Australia was home to 53% of Australia’s total installed wind power capacity. They are all a reasonable distance from Adelaide, but when I get the chance I will travel and get some photos.

Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

Glad to meet anoher "Envirnomental and Earth Conscious" person. Years ago, my aunt and her husband installed a very fancy solar panel, they also installed a big water tank. However, my husband the engineer didn't think they would recoup their installation cost.

Once upon a time, in now the Rich and famous island Waiheki, a man used bicycle power to fuel his TV. I watched on TV, in an island in the South island, a man is doing it too. I would like to use a bicycle power if I knew how to do it.

Robert Robillard said...


Great blog and really cool posts. I love the soloar hook up on the sailboat.... now I just need to get a boat!

et_al_mydeja said...


I congratulate you on your efforts.

However, sadly, once Rudd's Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) begins the CO2 benefits of your system will disappear. The ETS gives electricity generators free permits and allows them to sell any they don't use, including those for the CO2 you've saving with your solar systems.

When the ETS begins the only way to reduce the amount of carbon being emitted is buying permits and hanging onto them until they expire.

TOG said...

Our solar system was put in our house in 1935. We use an electric booster for really cold days or sunless days, both of which are very seldom. The repairs are expensive but only 2 repairs have been needed. We are ahead in the value and green for a long time.

Steffe said...

You are a smart man.