Sunday, December 27, 2009


This was the start of the South Australian Elite Aquathlon today at the Bay Sports Festival. The event consisted of a 1.7km run, 500m swim, 1.7km run, 500m swim and a final 1.7km run.

After the run .... shoes off and goggles on

Now for a swim

Out of the water after the last swim and sprint home to victory!


Steffe said...

Looks like a tough event. Where are all the female competitors?

Gordon said...

Tough event for sure. There was a small group of females in the following event.

Leif Hagen said...

Some great action photos of some super athletes! Congrats to all the participants!

Renée Waldorf said...

wow amazing photos!!

cheers, Renee

Ann said...

That guy in black, he is not a Kiwi is he?

I am up on the Gold caost, and the weather is too hot for me. I did bring the rain. Did you get any rain?

Merry Christmas couple of days late.

Donna said...

It looks SO Warm there!!! Love the shots!!hughugs