Monday, December 14, 2009

P Day at the Zoo

The day has arrived; the first public viewing of the giant pandas at the Adelaide Zoo. This was the scene I was confronted with at 8:45am this morning; a line up at the new entrance to the zoo.

A special zoo members' viewing was held this morning to see the pandas; a pre-booked one hour session. Their new enclosure is certainly impressive. The area on the left is an outside area for Funi, one of the pandas. The building adjoining this area is a climate controlled enclosure where the pandas were on display this morning.

About 500 people at last got to see the pandas. All of us were able to see them close up; filing past the huge glass walls. Then you could jockey for a longer view from behind the barricade.

This is Funi. Photographing was difficult due to congestion and reflections; I will return yet another day better equipped in the hope of getting better photos of these special animals. In a few weeks the pandas will be let out into the outer areas; no glass to shoot through!


agaw said...

Beautiful panda!!!! very nice picture

CafebyJW said...

Similar mood, it used to happen here in Chiangmai.