Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas lights

I recently read an article on photographing Christmas lights, so tonight I went for drive to find some. Essentially take the photos before it gets really dark, use small aperture and of course a tripod as the exposure time is lengthy. In this shot; ISO 200, f8 and 1/3 second.

I wish all my blogger friends a Merry Christmas.


CafebyJW said...

I went to see Christmas Light myself beautiful.

Merry Christmas!

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Donna said...

I Love these! Hubby and I are going to drive around tonight to view all the lights around here...The day After Christmas...Hahaa...(no traffic!)...Happy Christmas to you and your family sweetie!!!hughugs

Steffe said...

It's a fine photo.

God Jul!

stephen clark said...

Very good...typifies most of the Christmas lights around

Espresso said...

I love Christmas decorations!
Nice shot.