Monday, December 28, 2009

Bay Sheffield Carnival

The Bay Sheffield Carnival is an annual event in its 123rd year, featuring the state’s richest and most famous footrace; a 120 metre sprint. It is a free event, held at Colley Reserve in Glenelg.
This year a near record 714 athletes from all over Australia competed.

There are events for men and women, and even a series of sprints for under 14 year olds; sponsored by Mars, with a prize for each child that runs; you guessed it - a Mars Bar.


Donna said...

Hahaa...a Mars Bar..We have Mars, Inc. right down the road from us...Great shots Gordon!! Hope you had a great Christmas!hughugs

J Bar said...

Great captures.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Steffe said...

I could probably run that event even without getting the mars bar.