Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Proclamation Day at the beach

South Australian's enjoy a public holiday on Proclamation Day, December 28th, the day when in 1836 the Province of South Australia's government was constituted and a proclamation was read; a proclamation "requiring all to obey the laws, and declaring the Aborigines to have equal rights, and an equal claim upon the protection of the Government with the white colonists."

Read the full wording of the proclamation here.

So what do we do on the day? Some people go to the beach; this is Glenelg beach looking north from the jetty.

This is a view of the beach south of the jetty.

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Donna said...

Looks SO nice!! Great shot Gordon!hughugs

CafebyJW said...

What a blue sky and clear water!

Happy New Year!

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J Bar said...

Great day for the beach.
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stephen clark said...

I like these...though it makes it all look bigger than it is. Shots of the race are good too.

Maya said...

I had no idea about Proclamation Day--thanks for the info. It looks like lots was going on down here in Genelg while we were out of town!