Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ABC Wednesdays - Y for Yourambulla Caves

About 360 kilometres north of Adelaide on the road to Hawker are three cave galleries in the Yallapa Hills. The Aboriginal rock paintings featured here are available for public viewing.

From the carpark just off the main road is a walking trail and a climb to the site high up the hillside. The location of the paintings was chosen carefully; sheltered from the elements.

The artwork is mainly done with black pigment; some with red ochre. It mainly relates to ceremonies associated with the site. There is sign nearby to help visitors interpret the paintings.

Click on the image for an enlarged view
As well as being able to view some art work of the Adnyamathanha people, the climb to the caves rewards you with a spectacular view.

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Steffe said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the history lesson! Sure looks like a rewarding climb.

Jules said...

Hi Gordon - great series of shots!!

Thanks for your kind comments and I wish you and yours the best for 2009!!!

photowannabe said...

Amazing. I love this type of history. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Leenie said...

Some of the symbols are very similar to those I saw on the red rock faces in Southern Utah. It would be interesting to see the results of studies of comparing the two places.

Life with Kaishon said...

Very good Y post! Happy Wednesday!

lakeviewer said...


Thanks for this and other sites that you share with us. There is probably much to be learned for all of us to study native folklore and pictographs.
They were the "Blogs of Note" in their days, broadcasting important thoughts and instructions.

I am enjoying your blog immensely. Your links to other daily photos are also valuable.
Thanks you.

Donna said...

OhWoW!!!! How I'd Love to get my hands on those!!Hahaa...Really interesting!!hughugs

alicesg said...

Very interesting history. I wondered what the drawings tried to tell us.

Hyde DP said...

What a great choice for Y - sounds a wonderfully fascinating place.

VP said...

I'm glad you included the shot of the interpretation board!

And your previous shots of Glenelg have bought back lovely memories of our Christmas Down Under 5 years ago :)

BOoMToWn RaTs said...

Drop by to your page to inform that i followed your blog. Hope you be one of my Follower. :)
Nice cool blog from you. Really love to drop by to Aussie...Take Care. Keep in touch. (Include Shoutmix in your blog, easier to drop message). See ya. :)