Friday, January 30, 2009

Australia Day Parade - groups

Last Monday I took lots of photos at Adelaide's Australia Day Parade. Here is slide show of some of the cultural groups.


Walker said...

Melting pot of the world!

Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

I just heard on my radio that people are dying in Adelaide because of the heat wave. Is this true?

We have 27 degrees, and we already feel very hot. Can't imagine howit is like over there. I suppose even the sea water is hot.

p/s I hope there won't be any bush fires.

Gordon said...

Ann - Yes there were about 20 deaths yesterday; many of which were heat related. Ambulance services have been especially busy over the last few days.

During the last few days, our minimum temperature over night has been hotter than your 27.

Coincidentally, as I was typing this I received an SMS:

"For urgent assistance phone 000.IMPORTANT S.A. GOVERNMENT HEAT HEALTH WARNING: Heat Stress Can Kill; Stay Cool; Stay Inside; Drink plenty of water; Check the safety of vulnerable neighbours; Listen to your radio."

zbtjkarapilot said...

Gordon, do you think that global warming may be effecting the climate where you are? What do the weather scientists say?