Friday, January 23, 2009

Anzac Highway Underpass

This is a major roadworks' project; the Anzac Highway underpass is being built under as part of a project to decrease traffic congestion along South Road, one of Adelaide's busiest arterial roads. This project is scheduled to be completed late this year.


Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

Where did you go to take this pix? I hope it will be finished as scheduled.

Because of the nature of my husband work, and my son's interest in big machines, I too become interested.

Tomorrow Sunday, a brand new $365 million toll road will be opened from Auckland to the North. On the opening day, it will be free. But on Monday, they will start charging from $2. Even since they stopped charging the Auckland harbour bridge, no motorist had to pay.

Do you pay for your road usage? In Singapore, and Malaysia, you have to.

arctic dreamer said...

Where are all the workers? Tea break?

Audit Diva said...

Ann - I have to point out that the tolls apply in West Malaysia, not East Malaysia. Our roads in Sarawak are of a different standard!

Babooshka said...

How long should it take nad how long will it take?

Frankie / Nick said...

A Sure Sign Of Progressive Times