Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day Parade

"One Australia - many cultures" was overwhelmingly obvious this morning during the colourful Australia Day Parade in Adelaide. Representatives from many of the cultural groups that make up our South Australian community adorned national costumes, played their music, sang and danced in the parade that ended in Elder Park for a massive community Australia Day party.


Babooshka said...

I miss living some where cosmopolitan. I always think of Australia as being a young counrty like America where the optimism shines through.

Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

If the whole world would embrace the one nation, many culture theme, how nice this will be.

Auckland is similar to Australia. The city is richer with the immigrants.


Reader Wil said...

Hi Gordon, me again! Thanks for your extra information. Australia is a great land and it has great people. The Aboriginal people I know are kind, forgiving, non aggressive people and consider themselves as survivors indeed. Eric Deermal said:"I am not a victim, I am a victor". That taught me to say the same:"I am not a victim of the cocentration camp, I am a survivor". Thanks for your comment.