Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Corkscrew

This is the reward for riding UP hills - the descent! The Corkscrew is a very windy road that links Montacute Road and Gorge Road.


alicesg said...

Lovely photos in your previous posts. Oh yes, definitely nice to have such lovely descent. But I doubt I can do the going up part...lol. Have a nice week ahead.

lakeviewer said...

You must be in great shape out there in Adelaide. Are these folks young or what?

We have lots of people in the Northwest USA using their bikes not just for recreation, but commuting to work, even though we experience temperamental rainy days throughout our fall, winter and spring. But, with good Goretex clothing,the wind and the rain are left behind.

Love your pictures.


zbtjkarapilot said...

Looks like its a might hot--what is the temperature on this day?

Gordon said...

I cycle with a group of people in their sixties and seventies; even a few in their eighties. I am one of the younger ones!

Rides are planned by one of the group and are usually between 30 and 50 kilometres.

With modern bikes with a good gear range and with practice you can ride up hills like these quite comfortably; we just take our time.

The maximum temperature on this this day was about 30 degrees; our ride was in the morning so it was only in the mid 20's by then.

Donna said...

I use to own a white Miata...That road would have been a blast in it!!!hughugs

gogouci said...

I think I'd be riding the brakes all the down. That or kissing the pavement.

Kate & Josh said...

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OOAK babies by Mina said...

Oh Geez I miss the Gorge...I used to live up that way and take the Ducati for a spin. I am yearning for those days again, that pic gets me depressed, lol