Sunday, January 31, 2010

Australia Day Concert - 2

On stage at the Australia Day Concert in Elder Park - the fabulous jazz great James Morrison, and former Australian Idol performer Carl Riseley. James was the special guest of Carl and his band. A class act!

I first heard James Morrison play over 20 years ago. I am still as much in awe of his playing now as I was then. He is a true master of his instrument.


Donna said...

What a thrill That must have been!!! I LOVE this kind of music!!hughugs

Bill said...

Go Jimmy, blast your stuff. One of Australia's greatest musician.

Ann said...

Hi Gordon,

You should have wave at me, and I would kayak over with a crate of XXXX, and we could celebrate Australia day together.

When I was at Currumbin, I was entertained by 4 Aborigines with the white paint all over their bodies.

But I like your trumpet player best. Almost as sexy as Clinton.