Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wake Wars 2010

Airborne! On the weekend at Glenelg's Patawalonga Lake the many of the world's top wakeboard riders gathered in Australia's premier wakeboard event.

Spectators lined the shores for a good view; trying to stay cool on one of our hottest summer's days - 42 degrees celsius.


luna said...

Whoa ... the first shot is utterly fantastic.

Kudos to you!!

francescbb@hotmail.es said...

Beautiful picture!! Good job!!


Maya said...

Great photos, they came out a lot better than mine.

J Bar said...

Excellent capture.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Donna said...

Oh!!! This is TOO COOL Gordon!!hughugs

Ann said...

Is that you? and your wife took the fantastic photo? LOL

I was at Currumbin Wild life Sanctaury, and the possum handler couldn't help but have a go at the Kiwis shooting your lovely possums. The Aussies gave a friendly boo, and we all have a good laugh, when the handler said that the Aussies still love the Kiwis. The Golden Possum is beautiful. Will post it sometime.

Is it hot at your place?

Gordon said...

Ann - no; my wife was home in the airconditioned house. Fortunately it has cooled of since the weekend; we even had some rain on Tuesday!

Steffe said...

Top photo is fantastic.