Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Wake Wars

What a spectacle! Not only did the riders leave the water, they did acrobatics in mid air.

It was hard work on such a hot day; not just for the wakeboard riders but me also. I spent quite some time out in the sun trying to get some good shots. This was a real challenge for me; still learning how to get the best out of my camera.


Jim Klenke said...

These are great shots, I love that top one.

Steffe said...

Sport photos can be tricky, but you seem to know what you are doing!

Donna said...

I'm just not Brave enough!!Hahaa...especially the upside down one!!!
Hubby and I have all three of George Stella's books and we love them. The red covered one is the first one of the series and it's our little diet "bible"...Enjoy!hughugs

Mostlygrocery said...

Wow love how the water spectacles are in the air ... great shots


Maya said...

The heat was really unbearable. I burned--hat, sunscreen and all--in the short time we were out there! You really did get some great shots, well worth forking over the money to get in the fence.

Ann said...

Is he the Aussie Champ? Shooting such photos are hard, you dne a great job. I hope you had plenty of sunblock.

I am dark like a Maori, My bros tease that my husband won't like it and will veto any plans of traveling without him.

luna said...


You make the shots look effortless.

The only negative comment I have is how the sun might have wrecked havoc on your skin.

Other than that, kudos to you.

This series is great.