Friday, January 25, 2008

2008 Challenge Tour

Today, along with 3403 other cyclists, I participated in the 2008 Mutual Community Challenge Tour. I rode the 73.5 km route from Woodside to Strathalbyn and I finished! It was a great experience riding alongside so many others; some younger, some older; some on hi-tech racing bikes and others on hybrid or mountain bikes like me.

Riding the same course as the pros makes you appreciate their incredible level of fitness and commitment. I completed the 73.5 km course in three hours with the bonus of having two fifteen minute stops for refreshments. They rode the full 134 km course from Mannum to Strathalbyn in three and a quarter hours with no stops.

Yes, that is a photo of me crossing the finish line.

Photo by Bev


Sailor Girl said...

You ARE our favourite, GORDON!!!!!

alice said...

I'd even say: you are our champion, Gordon!

Joy said...

Good on you, Gordon! I would have rooted for you! :D

Have a lovely weekend!

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alicesg said...

Way to go, Gordon. Congratulations for finishing the race. :)

Gordon said...

Wow; such fantastic support. Thanks so much.