Sunday, January 20, 2008

Down Under Classic

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Glenelg comes alive once again. Tonight was the first event for South Australia's 10th Tour Down Under. Nineteen teams competed in a 25 lap dash around a 2km circuit. An estimated 75 thousand people lined the streets to watch the race which was won by Germany's Andre Greipel.


The slogan used by the organisers suggests there is something for everyone. Prior to tonight's race, many cyclists participated in the Mutual Community Fun Tour, a 12 km race culminating in a lap of the circuit. Young cyclists also participated in UNISA's Mini Tour for Kids which took them on a loop that included the Finishing Arch.

I am sure there was lots of celebrating, but not for me tonight - I had to get home to do this blog!


Anonymous said...

You are so noble! Here there are massive problems with drugs and the Le Tour. Do you think it will put young people taking up cycling as a sport?

Joy said...

Hi Gordon! Have you ever tried to race? I don't think I would ever finish.

About the radio show, this coming Saturday would be the best show for you because my guest is someone from Australia. I'm sure you'll find it very interesting and the show will be in English (most of the time I do it in Filipino).

Enjoy the week ahead!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You

Gordon said...

Clarice - As in all countries we have had some problems with drugs and sport (not just cycling), but the issue is being addressed; the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority has been established by the Australian Government. ASADA is working with the Tour organisers and has established some very strict testing for this year's event.

With the success in Europe of some Australian cyclists in recent years, more young people than ever are taking it up.

Gordon said...

Joy - I have not raced; I am a recreational cyclist, but on Friday I am riding the Tour Down Under's Challenge Tour. If I complete the 74km ride I will certainly be celebrating.

Lezard said...

Hi Gordon, I hope your national cyclist events will be under even more scrutiny than the Tour de France, and that the doping tests will be able to detect all the cheaters, it was such a shame for the last edition in France last summer.

Thanks for visiting The Hague Daily Photo!!

Curly said...

Great to here of people supporting these events

Thanks for your recent visits and comments

from South Shields Daily Photo

Sailor Girl said...

Such nice colours in this picture... Great shot!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks but I know that some parents I have talked to whose children are 'sporty' have discouraged their children from progressing for several reasons this one included. Good luck for Friday will be thinking of you.

Donna said...

Really like the picture! Places you in the thick of things!! Hava a wonderful day!!