Monday, January 21, 2008

Tour Village

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This is the Tour Village in Victoria Square in the centre of Adelaide. No it is not where the cyclists live; only their cycles. The teams stay in the Hilton Hotel, just across the road.

Each of the nineteen teams has a tent garage for storage and maintenance of their bikes. Each afternoon during the tour, the village will be open to visitors. Click here for another view of the village.

The people lined up are waiting to collect their jerseys for the Mutual Community Challenge Tour on Friday. I have heard that over 3000 cyclists are participating; I will be one of them.


Sailor Girl said...


alicesg said...

Very interesting. I wish you the best in the race.

TeamSplashi said...

Great blog mate, and good luck.


Sailor Girl said...

Gordon, I dedicate to you
the music you can now listen to
at my blog Atlantic Blue!!!!

(it rhymed!!!)

Anonymous said...

Here I was surprised to learn that the shorts are padded! The thought of you in Lycra..............I won't be able to sleep :-). Good luck!!!

Gordon said...

Thanks all for your best wishes.

Sailor Girl - that is one of my favourite songs. Thanks.

Clarice :-)