Monday, January 7, 2008

Granite Island wildlife

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Granite Island at Victor Harbor has many species of wildlife, the most significant being a colony of little penguins. The penguins are rarely seen on the island in daylight hours as they spend the day out at sea fishing. Consequently when we visited the island we did not see any penguins; just some birds on a rock.

To read more about the island and the penguins click here.


alice said...

Maybe some cormorants?

Gordon said...

Thanks Alice. I did some checking; probably are Little Pied Cormorants which are common in the area.

My knowledge of wildlife is limited, but I am finding that doing this blog is making me take more interest in lots of things in my own area; wildlife included.

The T in D & T said...

Hi Gordon,
Very nice landscape. I'm planning to live at adelaide in the near future and these photos makes me want to be there sooner.