Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drumming up business

I think I have found an Aussie friend for Clarice's charming lady; posted on 23 Jan. I hope she will accept his balloons. (No suitable flowers in bloom right now.)

I took this photo yesterday at Hahndorf. The 'gentleman' is trying to drum up business for a local hotel. It worked on me; I went inside for a nice cold beer. But then I reckon I deserved it with all the bike riding I've been doing lately!

Read the sign - "All day dinning". This one of my pet hates; the number of spelling errors that occur on public signs. Is it the retired teacher in me picking up these errors?


Bergson said...

he seem to be alive.
It offers a beer to us?

alicesg said...

He is a cutie. His charming lady is a cutie too. They both are a good match. You are a good matchmaker..hahaha

Mitch said...

Restaurants are notoriously hard on the language. The number of grammatical errors on menus astounds me. I think food and language must occupy different parts of the brain.
Thanks for the pic!

- Mitch in Minneapolis

Donna said...

How colorful!!! Have fun today!

Anonymous said...

How do you spell pedantik? :-) Good luck for your marathon bike ride, I'll be thinking of you.

Halcyon said...

I hate spelling mistakes too! We recently had a sign at work that said "Congradulations on reaching sales goals". Ugh! It drove me crazy every time I had to see it.

Your dude looks like the perfect match for Clarice's chick. I think we need to play matchmaker. :)