Saturday, February 16, 2008

Amphitheate wall mural.

This mural is painted on the rear wall of Adelaide's Festival Theatre; at the rear of the Amphitheatre. It was painted by six local artists in 1992 from a design by Adelaide born Aboriginal artist Trevor Nickolls.


Sailor Girl said...

I had to temporarily restrict the access to my blog to only people I invite. When possible please send me an email to so that I can invite you.
I've warned one of the administrators of CDPB and asked him to put an announcement to all our fellow bloggers.
Love, from Lisbon (grey and windy today)

Donna said...

I really like this pic!!! Have a fun day!!

alicesg said...

I think the mural is lovely. Very well done.

Joy said...

Love the mural! I like the combination of blue and brown and the maize.

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