Monday, February 18, 2008

Morning feed

By the way the birds scurried towards this lady, I suspect she is regular visitor. The lake is part of the Warriparinga Wetlands, which is part of the Sturt Creek catchment. The wetland was created in 1998 to assist in cleaning up the water that flows into the Patawalonga.


Donna said...

My Aunt would take us, as children, out to the lakes in Connecticut, to feed the ducks...we also like to feed Catfish in the!

djingen said...

Hey really cool photos!
bookmark for sure!

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Denton said...

It is great to hear of wet lands being created. So often it is the reverse.

Pat said...

Love your photos, Gordon. I love feeding the ducks and geese. One park I go to to take photos, it's so funny that there are so many signs around saying, "Please don't feed the ducks and geese!" as I expect it's because of the debris left behind but right out in the open many go just to feed them! And then I take photos! HAHAHAHA!


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Joy said...

Aaawww, that's sweet. They know a friend when they see one.

Nice shot!

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BumbleVee said...

awww...this one brought a tear to my eye.....reminded me of my Mum. Feeding "her" ducks in Victoria, Canada where she used to live.