Thursday, February 7, 2008

Inside St Peter's Cathedral

This a view inside St Peter's Cathedral. I will post more photos at a later date after I go on a guided tour; I will be more informed then!

The more I get into this daily photo blogging, the more I am enjoying it. It is opening my eyes to the beautiful and interesting places in my own backyard and I am so enjoying seeing and reading about other places throughout the world.


Joy said...

That is a lovely framing of the cathedral. Good shot!

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Andrea said...

I got my wish to see the inside. Beautiful.

Donna said...

What a beautiful back yard indeed!!

Sailor Girl said...

It is also happening to me!! I learn things about other cities and also about my own!! And that's really great!!!

Nice post, Gordon, and I also love your new picture (right column, «about me»)!!!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful photo! I love seeing cathedrals. Can't wait for more pictures!

Pat said...

What a lovely building. So glad you're enjoying blogging!


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