Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A metropolitan train

This is a three car 2000/2100-class train en route to Adelaide from Noarlunga. Despite their age they are air-conditioned and quite comfortable. However, recently there have been a growing number of problems with breakdowns and mishaps. Many people have lost confidence in the reliability of catching trains and hence the call for a major upgrade. 

Tickets used on trains can also be used on buses and trams. Once activated you can use the ticket for two hours, and you can transfer to another service. A range of tickets are available; singles, multi-trip and daily. On a daily ticket you can travel anywhere on the network and can transfer as often as you like; great for tourists.

Areas are designated for the carriage of bicycles; free of charge in off peak periods. All stations and trains also have wheelchair access and elderly and disabled people can also use their four wheel motorized chairs on trains.

See the Adelaide Metro website for detailed information and prices.


alicesg said...

Oh this is beautiful and interesting. And best of all it is free of charge during off peak periods. Cool.

Hyde DP said...

Trains here mostly wheelchair friendly [just] but you have to request assistance [for the ramps] in advance.

The D in D & T said...

Gordon, you make me homesick! Love this photo!! I used to live right near the Ovingham train station and could just catch a glimpse from my kitchen window....I havent seen one of these in so long! Great photo!

gizelle said...

hi gordon! Thanks for linking this, it is also good to know that you have the one ticket for all lines policy...hope the government really do something about the mishaps! Good day!