Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sheltered haven

I have previously mentioned one of my pastimes - sailing. Adelaide is located about halfway up the Gulf of Saint Vincent. The gulf affords great sailing conditions, but unfortunately there are no natural inlets or bays that offer all round protection for anchoring.

Apart from the facilities in Adelaide there are now two marinas in the gulf; one south of Adelaide and the other across the gulf at Port Vincent. Yesterday a friend and I sailed 35 nautical miles across the gulf and docked for the night in this lovely marina; a nice onshore amenities block and about a kilometre walk into the town.

To my ABC Wednesday visitors - as I was away on Wednesday and have only just returned after a tiring day, I will endeavour to catch up with visits to your sites tomorrow.

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Donna said...

Great picture...I've always been a tad scared of sailing...don't know why!!! Silly of me!