Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Warriparinga Wetlands

Just beyond where yesterday's photo was taken is the second of four lakes in the wetlands. The wetlands are visited by more than 30 species of birds; about a dozen are waterbirds.

Some key facts about the wetlands:
- located on a 3.5 hectare reserve
- 45,000 cubic metres of earth was shifted to the wetlands
- have a capacity of 23 million litres
- more than 8,000 local native plants were planted

The wetlands have been built to compensate for the damage done to the Patawalonga system by the building of a concrete drain; shown in a previous post.

You can read an article about the Warriparinga Wetlands here.


Donna said...

That's a beautiful place for photos! I'd like to be in a canoe about now!lol Nice!!!

Gordon said...

Donna - I ride my bike through this area quite often, as it is the nearest slice of bushland to my home.

There are signs prohibiting swimming (probably also canoeing - not nice if you fell in). This lake looks nice but it is not very clean. Its purpose is to filter the water before it re-enters the Sturt Creek - but I agree, great for photos.