Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enjoying the sunset

Each year the concert band I play in has a trip away to a country town. In 2005 we went to Barmera and stayed in a youth campsite out of town; so peaceful sitting around on the banks of Lake Bonney enjoying each other's company and the beautiful sunset.


Tanya said...

That is a beautiful sunset! Sounds like a lovely time enjoying friends and watching the sunset!

Sailor Girl said...

Indeed, it is really beautiful!
This is something I always dreamed of doing: to be at campsite like this, singing and watching the sunset. How lucky you are!!!

Really beautiful photo and description, Gordon!

Donna said...

Really nice place to relax with a cuppa coffee!!lol..nice photo!hughugs

Olivier said...

c'est bien que ces deux photos se suivent, beau contrasme entre les deux. superbe photo, avec une lumière magnifique

It is that these two pictures are followed, beautiful contrasme between the two. Superb picture, with a wonderful light

Neva said...

The sunset is lovely!
My ABC's are up~
Neva ABC 1
Neva abc2
I'll be back to see yours!

alicesg said...

Another beautiful photo. Love the colours and the sunset. Wow you are a man of talents. You play in a band and you are a bike racer. Cool. :)

The D in D & T said...

a beautiful photo of a stunning sunset :)